Mrs. Mahnoush Teymourzadeh is a Fashion designer



Mrs. Mahnoush Teymourzadeh, born in 1987, is a graphic graduate, a graduate and expert in the field of make-up and cinematic costume design in the fields of art from painting to illustration, and finally costume design, working professionally.


The documents and certificates are the result of his colorful activities and presence over the years in the field of clothing design and effective participation in festivals. From the first years of his presence until now, we have witnessed gaining top ranks in fashion and clothing festivals.



Mrs. Mahnoush Teymourzadeh has always been one of the top candidates since entering the field of fashion and clothing and choosing and working in this field by successfully attending various specialized festivals and competing with thousands of designers and activists in this field. During this period from 2014 to 2019, which was full of top rankings, she was constantly considered by senior managers and the fashion and clothing working group by offering a professional profile and a desirable resume, and he was invited to high executive and managerial ranks.


Among Ms. Teymourzadeh's achievements, we can mention being the judge and secretary of festival, fashion expert, designer of women's clothing for Iran's Olympic convoy in Tokyo 2020, which is available in detail in the links below